Total Crew Management

We feel how important the TIMELY crew change plan as this can affect the commercial aspect, and reputation of our Client as such, NOVO operates with a targeted Business Mind Set and crucially plan a favorable outcome for the client.

With our TCM package, the Client will have a fix crewing cost as we offer an ALL-IN Daily rate which keep the crewing operating cost within the budget. We do handle all the specific training requirements needed for the vessel operations as well as the mandatory training requirements set by the Client or End User of the vessel.

Vessel Delivery

NOVO provides Full crew for Vessel delivery project straight from the Ship yard to its final port destination. We have been delivering vessels since 2006 from Malaysia to South Pacific islands, Egypt and Papua New Guinea.

All pre-departure requirements, Flag state endorsements & exit clearances are also handled by NOVO team.

Crew Training Support

NOVO understands that the time line for crew changes is critical as such, our NOVO front liners team have attended the courses too to help out crews who requires assessment, or trainings with examination as we do revision thoroughly in order to pass at a given time line.

NOVO Sdn Bhd also provides services for Vessel owners and Ship managers, to plan and fulfill the stringent Brunei Shell Petroleum training matrices for their own set of crews onboard the vessel, or incoming crews to complete the trainings required before joining the vessel.

Training In-House for BSP Requirement

NOVO team consists of experienced workforce with 15 years know-how in crewing needs specializing in fulfilling the BSP training requirements, and with strong networks in several training centers in this region; the crew training plan and the tight crew schedule become possible.

Our Team knows the pressure of the crew must be job-ready for the expected job scope; hence all critical trainings for Brunei Shell matrices are thoroughly reviewed and studied the course content. We developed our own revision notes to reinforce the know-how of the courses and making all opportunities for the crew to pass the assessment.


Vessel operators has to focus on the bigger role for smooth ship operations, and the crewing aspects require tedious documentation; keeping in mind the stringent procedures to comply the Brunei Shell standard.

NOVO professional experience is now possible on Consultancy services to make your vessel on-hire just on a timely manner.