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More than 10 years of maritime and oil & gas industry experience.

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Key people, our way to Ensure Service.


All our key personnel and managers, at NOVOCREW, have in excess of 20 years of maritime and oil & gas industry experience, dedicated to serving the requirements of shipowners, operators, managers, and oil majors. The ability to deliver to owners of small or large fleets in any region of the world sets us apart as a truly global crew management solution provider. Whether your company requires long-term solutions or short-term emergency cover, we are here to help you with efficient and value-added service.

Watch as our NOVO employees and offshore crews in action to keep our work place safe and consistently efficient.

Choose us, choose NOVO.

Who we are

At NOVOCREW, we prioritize providing standardized quality assured services, so we are proud to announce that we are both ISO and MLC compliant. ISO plays an essential role in facilitating world trade by providing common standards among different countries. These standards are intended to ensure that products and services are safe, reliable, and good quality.


All our employees are vetted for good character, qualifications, and experience. Our staff handle and ensure all crew is suitable for the job responsibilities and the requirements.


Total Crew


Ready to work, proven and tested maritime crew. People are dedicated to making your property safe and your business profitable. Our crew’s trademark attributes are professionalism, loyalty, and continuity.


Hours til Last Incident


The quality-assured crew is delivered daily, All our employees are company-policy compliant, fully aware of their responsibilities and obligations in delivering their duties.


Successful voyages

What we do

At NOVOCREW, we personally manage every aspect of our client’s requirements. We provide our clients with advanced manpower and real-time cost analysis to ensure the highest-quality and most cost-effective solutions. And with our state-of-the-art MPS Crew Management System, NOVOCREW staff monitors all crew placements.


Saving you precious time and the headache of complex insurance matters. We make sure all insurance requirements are in place and fully compliant. We insure the crew members under a Workers Compensation or equivalent scheme and guarantee that the benefits are equal to statutory requirements in the place of engagement.


NOVOCREW takes care of Payroll requirements, no need to worry about paying the crew, we handle all payroll processing for you. We can also provide payroll forecasts to further enhance crew cost planning and budgeting.


Our team ensures the prompt and fast mobilization and demobilization of the crew. All Visas, work permits, accommodation, and mobilization costs are covered by NOVOCREW on one charge-off rate basis.


NOVOCREW conducts crew searches to find the best crew for specialized vessel operations. NOVOCREW checks, audits and analyses the training and qualifications of each employee to ensure they are competent and job-ready. We maintain real-time alerts for monitoring expiring travel documents and certificates of employees to guarantee conformance and smooth operation.

What We Offer

Vessel Delivery


Total Crew Management

Crew Training Support

Training In-House for BSP Requirement

Our Story…

NOVOCREW, a division of the Nautika Group, was founded in 2006 in Brunei. We have successfully established affiliations and working relationships with the Maritime, Oil and Gas Industries since 1990. The company serves its esteemed global with a strength of over 600 employees in the forefront. Providing a wide range of maritime support services as specialists in the oil and gas industry. We deliver effective and cost-efficient solutions to shipowners, charterers, and managers, with a competent crew for all types of vessels

We are committed to conducting our business in a safe and efficient manner; to produce cost-effective and high-quality service to our customers.

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